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Boost your turnover with the Web.

    Website Creation

    LICIEL carries out website creation projects as well as developments.

    Your site just a click away!

    Make your starting point from a stylish and functional website template
    Make your choices and modify the results as you please
    Have control of your site's image by having the ability to update it 7 days a week

    Get informed before starting

    « Millions of people search for products and services online every day via search engines ».

    More than ever, owning a website is essential for any business wishing to promote its products and services as well as boosting its business.
    The website is your virtual business showcase that is accessible 24 hours a day. It is an unconditional support to your commercial presence. It makes it possible to present your business and its activity to a larger number of prospects.

    Website Objectives
    Present and highlight your products and services
    Propose an additional channel to attract new customers
    Develop visibility and reputation of your company
    Stand out from the competition

    LICIEL offers a turnkey service
    Personalize your images and your text, shortly once your site is online!
    Contact form and quote estimator compatible to your LICIEL Software

    Your project's identity is conveyed by its domain name. This is the first indication of your promotion strategy. Your domain name must be memorable, easy to grasp and aimed for search engine optimization (SEO).


    Why choose LICIEL?

    Our web developers have imagined and created for you different designs that may suit your image and objectives. LICIEL, offers you a turnkey solution to develop your online business in a creative, reliable and sustainable way.
    Its design is different from the multipage website approach, but rather more traditional and advantageous in going to the basics akin to: introducing your company and making yourself known.

    What are the main benefits?
    Simple and effective use
    Choose from pre-configured examples for real estate diagnosers
    Personalized images and text, within a few minutes the site is online
    Contact form and quote Compatible to LICIEL Sofware
    File provisioning extranet, Credit Card payment interface included (option dependant)
    Use a Webdesigner to customize your site as desired
    Search engines and directories referencing (Google, Yahoo, ...)

    We offer 2 site formats:
    Multi-Pages (more classical website)
    Landing-Page (intuitive and modern website)

    Sample site : Click here to access sample site



    Our team would be glad to answer any inquiries.