Administrative Printing Module

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    Innovative printing that provides convenient options

    The Printing Management Module in LICIEL provides an easy handling of the different sources to print whether administrative, graphics, or comprehensive reports.

    We have developed our own generation engine to provide its user with higher efficiency when handling documents and requiring printing. Our tests displayed evidence that on average a user can generate documents 10 times faster than with standard technology.

    The transversal functionality of this tool is part of LICIEL'S administrative common core. It comes with the general components of LICIEL and works with any of the additional modules.


    LICIEL differentiates two models during the report generation:
    All documents models relating to the administrative management of the work orders(ODM, estimate, invoices, ...)
    All report templates for the field part
    More than 180 administrative templates and filtered fields according to the folder
    Fully customizable report templates
    Presence of 4000 tags usable (customized to specs)
    It's possible to add report templates (from the Internet, from your computer, ...)
    You can generate documents from multiple folders and save them into a single folder

    Visualize & Convert

    Visualization of all generated documents
    Add certifications and company certificates automatically
    Conversion of your Word documents in PDF format
    Merge documents into a single PDF
    Printing in batch form

    Create & Send

    Create technical diagnostics files
    Send your reports to your customers by e-mail with pre-configured and configurable mail templates (or by our additional LICIEL service)
    Ability to send the created documents directly to the printer set on the computer


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