Cloud Web Service

Boost your turnover with the Web.

    Keep your files safe yet maintain their sharing simple.

    LICIEL offers a Web solution for storing and securing data.

    LICIEL Cloud is an optional system integrated directly into your LICIEL Software.
    It allows you to automatically save your settings, job orders, and reports.
    You can also synchronize the files on all your computer network equipped with LICIEL Software.

    To subscribe, go to your software then click on "Tools" / "Order products online" and select "Cloud Software".

    Productivity and collaboration without compromise

    Access your files anywhere on any device
    Use your tablet, laptop or desktop computer to continue your work

    The changes made will be updated automatically on all devices.

    Share your workforce's files quickly and easily with automatic synchronization. Members may access files or work with the person in charge from wherever they are located

    No need to create copies, manage versions, or send attachments by e-mail.

    Keep your files safe

    Job orders are under automatically secured backups that include your software settings as well as the data of prior reports. Easily restore the data by accessing a WI-FI connection.

    If something happens to a device, files are not lost because these are stored in the CLOUD space assigned to your software.

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