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LICIEL Software offers the best tools and services to its clients.

    LICIEL Environment

    Transform the way you do inspections LICIEL.
    View the introduction video below to see a glimpse of what LICIEL has to offer.

    LICIEL Environment at a Glance: See the video
    With more than 10 million inspections performed through our software since 2007, LICIEL is committed to improving our clients’ recurring tasks.

    LICIEL Diagnostic Software

    Installing the LICIEL Diagnostic Software: See the video   -   Article
    Follow the instructions in the video above to install the software on your Windows computer, or tablet. Try out the software in Demo Mode or enter your license number to use the full version.

    Software Settings:

    Configuring the LICIEL Diagnostic Software: See the video   -   Article
    The LICIEL Diagnostic Software offers adaptability and customization to ensure the best results. Manage everything from the options available in the drop-down menus to the numbering systems used for your files and invoices.

    Administrative Management:

    Using the File Management Window: See the video   -   Article
    The File Management Window allows you to see and manage all of your orders.

    Creating a Job Order: See the video   -   Article
    Enter the client, property, and invoicing information into a job order to manage each inspection with ease from start to finish.

    Printing Reports and Other Files: See the video   -   Article
    Generate your reports and administrative files from the printing module.
    Then print them, upload them to the extranet for online viewing, or send them directly to your client.

    LICIEL Diagnostic Software Tools:

    Contact Management, Statistical Graph Generation, Glossaries, and More: See the video   -   Article
    Use the address book to store important contacts or use our accounting statistics to analyze your sales and mileage allowances.
    LICIEL offers all the tools you need to save time and improve efficiency.

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