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    The development of the LICIEL home inspection software represents a major breakthrough in speed and efficiency without compromising the editing quality of reports.

    Thanks to years of experience and their pragmatic approach, our developers have designed the most complete software on the market with various modules and Web Services. Without our client's support and loyalty, this adventure would not have transpired.

    The "know-how" is an important and intrinsic part of our values. Respect, listening, and humility are all values that forge our daily work to better meet the requirements in our lives.

    Liciel Home Inspection Software Presentation
    Documentation :

    To guide you as best as possible and allow you to consult the list of features of our Liciel Home Inspection software offline, we have prepared an advertising document summarizing the main features.

    To show you what our software can do for you, we have generated a sample report. This was prepared on a tablet PC, without editing and generated in less than 17 seconds.

    Modules From Liciel Home Inspection Software

    Transform your business and your relationship with your future customers.

    From the complete "Diagnostics Suite" package including all the mandatory property inspection diagnostics, to the "à la carte" expert modules, it is easy to find the functions you need.


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