Administrative Job Order Module

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    With the Job Order Module in LICIEL, users can easily initiate and manage job order files.

    The functionality of the CJO Module is interconnected with all the other tasks and is part of the common core of the administrative part of LICIEL. It is included as a default module when the program is purchased.

    Creation and planning

    Job Orders (creation, editing, details, ...)
    Scheduling events in the Outlook Calendar
    Scheduling events in the Cloud Calendar (additional web service required)
    Quotes (create, edit, order summary)
    Billing (creation, editing, payment details)
    Creation and modification of payment (date, type, amount, ...)
    Option to insert the owner's signature by using a touchscreen device

    Sending and confirmation options

    Send confirmation e-mails to your clients
    Send job orders and invoices by e-mail and / or SMS with a payment link
    Send SMS (with or without attached files)
    Import invoices from another job order
    Restore an invoice from a backup source
    Search the Internet database related to the state of natural, mining, and technological risks
    Search the Internet database of the Cadaster
    Search the Internet database to check if there are Termites ordinances in the area

    Address Book

    LICIEL'S address book allows you to :

    Save various recurring contacts you may encounter during your diagnostics
    Create, import or export the contacts on your base
    Add and remove calls from the contacting window pane (call log)
    Notify, summarize each call in the contact form
    Save and find the list of calls

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