Asbestos Laboratory Bridge Web Service

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    Asbestos Laboratory Bridge

    Gain time by simplifying your test results with the use of automated and digitized information format!

    LICIEL Asbestos Laboratory Bridge is an optional service integrated directly into your software. This gateway allows you to directly send your requests for analysis in order to speed up the processing of your orders with your supplier.

    Make your reports more reliable by obtaining analysis results through your software within just a few clicks.

    To subscribe, when using LICIEL, click on "Tools" / "Order products online" and select "Asbestos Laboratory Bridge"

    Automization and Productivity
    Send orders directly to your laboratory
    Print your labels and purchase orders
    Find your Asbestos Module integrated and automatically updated with the tests results
    Automatic update of your plans and conclusions
    Dedicated supervision to your cases during all of their different stages
    The absence of manual input minimizes the risk of errors during the analysis results
    Partner Laboratories
    Laboratories TBA

    Count with a Laboratory Account Bridge directly integrated into your LICIEL software
    Manage your secure account with personal login credentials. The selected laboratory will provide you an identifier or a customer number
    Through your account find information about the partner laboratory
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