LICIEL Technical Support

LICIEL Software offers the best tools and services to its clients.

    LICIEL Technical Support

    Do you need help ?

    When you are a LICIEL customer, you may call our help line without having to subscribe to a monthly subscription. Our customers only pay for what they consume!
    This service is reserved to our clients and offered through a surcharge.

    Do not hesitate to contact us with any question about our products or their integration. Our technical support representatives are at your disposal!

    Getting started with your computer

    Need help? Just contact the dedicated line.

    In order to better assist you, our technical support representatives can intervene directly on your computer via a secure remote control tool.

    Why use it?
    Convenient, simple, efficient, and secure
    Save time and money by solving problems remotely

    Priority Assistance Pack

    We offer you the alternative of subscribing to the Priority Assistance Pack, which allows you to call a dedicated line that is not overwhelmed. In this way, we help you with your daily problems related to software, modules, and WEB services without inconveniences.

    Benefit from priority status on all types of support
    Supported by a technician who knows your environment and history
    Solve technical difficulties by allowing remote intervention that facilitates access to the computer where the program is installed

    To subscribe, go to your software and click on "Tools" / "Order products online" and select "Priority Assistance Package".

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    Our team would be glad to answer any inquiries.