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    Serving the industry and meeting ordinances

    The Surface Area Computation Module in LICIEL allows you to quickly write a certificate of surface area of the private or habitable parts in a property. The report format makes it simple to read and interpret the different types of measurements which can include living area, adjusted area, and total area if applicable differences exist.

    What are some objectives?
    To help ensure the values of properties on sale by providing accurate measurements
    To protect the interests of both property owners and gubernatorial entities with exact area readings


    Some are familiar with the following aspects of measurements for appraising a property, and even faced challenges in conducting readings. For example, appraisers use the adjusted-square-feet of a building to determine the value of a property. A real estate agent or a private-sector appraiser may use square feet which tends to be less than adjusted-square-feet and generally refers only to living space or air-conditioned space. Adjusted-square-feet are measured from the outside of the building and include garages, open patios, covered entries, and carports. These parts of a building are calculated using a fraction of their actual square feet. Ultimately, even more concerning is that depending on the results, values are assessed and taxes applied.

    Among the reasons listed above and more, it is extremely important to be accurate and professional when conducting and presenting measurements. Regulations are based on standards used in the industry. Problems occur due to the misunderstanding or confusion about these standards. There are two standards used for residential square footage. These are the American Measuring Standard (AMS) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Depending on your jurisdiction ordinances may have some variations, but however the case, rest assured that using the Surface Area Computation Module will make the process much more simple.

    A comprehensive module that is useful for regulations

    Benefit from a complete and up to date software ready to handle present and potentially future regulations.

    The Surface Area Computation Module of LICIEL makes it possible to write a surface area certificate with an optimized input which can help to assist you effectively in the field.

    There are several tools available to calculate the surface area as needed :
    Common Shapes Tool: Easily measure and calculate the surface area of ​​spaces with common shapes
    Triangulation Tool: Calculate the surface area of spaces with complex parts quickly (especially if speech recognition input is used)

    This application contains the tools necessary to consistently create detailed and official reports.
    Users can take advantage of various aspects of their report building and help to optimize their input more effectively even while in the field which can be reflected in the following ways:

    Accurate general measuring results
    Detail measurements of specific parts in separate surfaces
    Effective usage of templates if needed or required

    Save time in the field by using a compatible Bluetooth rangefinder which can be connected to your computer via the Bluetooth connection.

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