Administrative Statistics Module

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    Achieve a prompt analysis and interpretation of your business numerical facts

    Manage financial activities of your business with the Administrative Statistics Module of LICIEL.

    LICIEL also offers an accounting statistics tool that can help analyze business sales and turnover, according to various parameters, including dates, type of contributors, diagnostic operators and services.

    The transversal functionality of this tool is part of LICIEL'S administrative common core. It comes with the general components of LICIEL and works with any of the additional modules.

    Applicable Regulations

    As summarized in the presentation of other modules; in particular the Asbestos and Lead Exposure modules. Any information obtained which is regarding such issues could be of sensitive need. LICIEL provides users with the options to generate statistically legible information should the need arrive. In our prior experience, reports are requested from various entities when dealing in a variety of issues and specially Asbestos and Lead Exposure. Users can be certain and rest assured that this information can be obtained from reports in an accredited form.

    Commercial Management Statistics

    Listing of processed invoices and receipts over a given period
    Generate graphics about (invoicing, expenses, receipts, services per operator, and more ...)
    Exporting of accounting data to accounting software of various brands
    Export billing and payments under Excel

    Business Management Statistics

    Categorical bills listing
    Reproduction of invoices under a continuous mode


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