LICIEL Field Section Training Videos

LICIEL Software offers the best tools and services to its clients.

    LICIEL Diagnostic Software in the Field:

    Through years of experience diagnostic operators have developed habits to help them carry out inspections efficiently.
    Our software has combined the best practices with input from users in the field to perfect your operations.

    General Modules:

    Using the General Modules in the Field Section: See the video   -   Article
    From property description, to photo management, to floor plan generation, the general modules allow you to seamlessly carry out an inspection.

    Field modules:

    LICIEL offers a wide selection of modules designed specifically for each type of job order.
    In order to support you effectively in the field, we have created demo videos for each module:

    Home Inspection Module: See the video   -   Article
    The Home Inspection Module provides a layout designed to assist you inspect sections and components in a quick fashion.
    Available are preset conditions and descriptions intended to help when making selections, and to provide better accuracy.

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