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    LICIEL Webinars

    Earn and expand skills

    Webinars can provide education at a distance to several participants whether from the same or different business. Participants need only to follow the trainer's live screen while listening through a conference phone call from a work station.

    The webinar's topic is arranged in advance , and can be about an administrative part, on the field usage, or about a particular module.
    The training's duration can be from 1:30 hr to 3:00 hrs, and it always includes time at the end for a questions and answers dialog.

    LICIEL offers webinars designed to meet your needs. Because you and your organization may constantly deal with demanding schedules, this alternative provides an efficient and effective way in gaining the necessary knowledge to improve your performance.

    Useful Information
    LICIEL offers a monthly webinar that is scheduled in advance, thus providing you with the option to organize accordingly.
    Thanks to this remote learning alternative, participants are spared from traveling. This results in time savings and favors focusing on the essential aspect of learning. Soon after, participants take notice in their improvement of LICIEL's usage. The following are some basic guidelines about the webinars:

    Session seating is limited in order to assure the optimal quality of our training
    The price is $190.00 / person / session
    Keep track of the training dates by checking our submitted announcements
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