LICIEL Business Training

LICIEL Software offers the best tools and services to its clients.

    LICIEL Software Business Training

    This training means you can improve performance and discover new features.
    At your business location

    Training is provided to your employees directly on your premises. The LICIEL trainer travels to the site, which in turn is a real time saver for you. The program is personalized and therefore adapted to your specific needs, making the training more efficient.

    From half-day to full day, LICIEL trains you and the staff the best possible way so you can stand out and make a difference!

    Please contact our sales department for a customized quote.

    At our location

    Group-based classroom training is available and can be organized in a major city close to your area of choice. Count with an entire day session dedicated to your training on using LICIEL Software including the following: administrative, field, report printing and questions and answers time.

    For novice users (less than 6 months with using experience):
    Objectives: To acquire fundamental knowledge in the operation and parameterization of the software in order to optimize it's usage in the field.

    For expert users (more than 6 months with using experience):
    Objectives: optimization of your daily use through the various features of the software (extra tips to sharpen your skills and save time ...).

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