LICIEL - Personalized Inspections Module

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    Personalized Inspections

    Our Personalized Inspection module allows you to easily create your own custom module based on your personal needs.

    What are the goals?
    Answer to the needs of your clients
    Earn invitations to tender that were previously inaccessible
    Increase your range of services

    Know everything about the Personalized Inspection module

    Do you often have specific requests from your clients? This plugin is made for you because it allows you to create your own module based on your specific needs. !

    What are the advantages?
    Let your imagination be free
    Develop a tailored module
    Own a UNIQUE module created by you
    Rethink or modify it at any time

    Imagine your module of tomorrow

    Imagine, create, broadcast!

    Our developers have designed and developed a tool to help you create modules on your own,
    to best suit your specific needs.

    Contact our sales department for more information or for a quote.

    Two Creation Methods

    Graphic method
    Select a module name
    Drag and drop your text fields, checkboxes…
    Add tags on the template reports

    Excel method
    Select the name of your module
    Create an Excel type input grid and define your tags
    Add tags on your template reports

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