LICIEL - Administrative Management Module

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    Administrative Management

    The Administrative Management Interface of the software is a transversal tool that forms part of the common core of the administrative part of LICIEL. It comes with the general components of LICIEL and works with any of the additional modules.

    Simple and efficient

    Create job orders on demand
    Track your job orders status
    Submit quotes, invoices, and account for collections
    Manage transactions by following up unplanned, open, and unsettled orders with chain reminders

    Optimized daily management

    Schedule and address book management ( with Outlook compatibility)
    Import and export of your files with access to the Web Exchange Zone specific to your company (facilitating remote work)
    Commercial statistics (turnover, services, operators, contributors, ...)

    Adapted to your company

    Complete configuration of your software (inspections, backups, numbering, networks, ...)
    Customization of your databases (products / services for sale, diagnostics information, quick access, certifications and drop-down menus, ...)
    Fully customizable report templates in Word with available direct mail fields
    Proven stability: more than 10 million reports generated

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