Administrative Invoices Module

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    Clever billing for a more efficient process

    The Billing Administrative Module allows for the follow up on client's files, in particular to see the progress of payments and the status of their case. This part will also allow you to link the LICIEL Software to your accounting tool.

    The transversal functionality of this tool is part of LICIEL'S administrative common core. It comes with the general components of LICIEL and works with any of the additional modules.


    Creating invoices and sub-invoices
    Creating assets
    Importing commands from another folder
    Numbering management (centralize numbering on the web to avoid duplication)
    Managing payment terms
    Ability to add multiple payments for the same invoice
    Providing different invoice templates with or without discount (detailed or global)
    Assigning Invoices to Key Account Customers
    Ability to send work orders and invoices by e-mail and/or SMS with CB payment link

    Reminders for Unpaid Charges

    Unpaid Invoices : Manage your customer reminders directly by sending them a standard document
    History of Reminders : Have a history of the reminders already carried out
    Accounts Receivable :
          - Manage accounts receivable
          - Make your company's accounting easy
          - Renew clients' accounts
          - Follow up on your exchanges with your customers (management of key accounts)

    Three customizable callback templates available
    Ability to generate multiple reminders
    Sending reminders by mail, paper and/or SMS with CB payment link


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