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    Manage the diagnosis of the presence of Termites, Parasites, and Fungus

    The Pest Inspection Module in LICIEL allows its user to carry out a technical diagnosis on the state of the presence of termites, parasites, and fungus in accordance to the standards demanded by the industry.

    What are some objectives ?
    To inform a potential buyer about a property intended for purchase.
    To protect owners and occupants of the condition properties are under, and to ensure an efficient preservation.


    Different sources define practical modalities of know-how, diagnosis and implementation of policies to fight and prevent the presence of pests and their caused problems. Engaged sources are such as the federal, state, and local authorities, as well as in the private sector building professionals, experts, and individual residences owners.

    Although there are a number of ordinances at different levels, most under the approach of safety, health hazards, and hygiene; the issue of properties and their structural conditions regarding to pests save in the case of landlord and tenants or property to property encroachment, is open to suggestions and interpretations from the sources listed above. As it is the case, that can vary greatly. Otherwise the topic is mostly left at the will of private entities and their interests. Regulations dictate in detail the methods for handling pests from the point of view of experts practicing abatement processes, however, because the transfer of properties can be based on "as is" transaction, the responsibility falls on those who are contracted to carry out inspections and may or may not provide guarantees, and ultimately the entities that end up with a property. Exception to an "as is" condition exists specially in the case of newly developed housing in which guarantees are offered, yet to confirm the condition a property is found, a professional diagnosis is always advised.

    What type of structure is of concern ?
    All dwellings located in a geographical area at risk, typically those in a humid tropical environment
    Individual houses, and buildings of condominium associations

    What are some obligations to property owners ?
    In general, rules call for the practice of cleanliness, safety, and avoidance of health hazards. Obligations may vary depending on the jurisdiction a property is located. Also, urgency in acting depends on the use and the design of a property, whether for renting or as part of a partition based structure, among others. Otherwise, it is in the best interest of each owner to handle any sign of the presence of pests with their outmost diligence and recruit experts in order to respond effectively. The usage of our Pest Module, can help you in providing quality work without headaches, when your service is requested.

    A comprehensive module that is useful under regulations

    Benefit from a complete and up to date software ready to handle present and potentially future ordinance.

    The Pest Control Module in LICIEL makes it possible to carry out a diagnosis providing information of the presence or absence of termites, parasites, or fungus in a domicile. The software facilitates a process which adheres to the demands of the industry. Easily identify the materials where traces have been observed and insert pictures as well as sketches of plans with the corresponding indications of pest presence.

    This module contains the tools necessary to write detailed and official reports by easily employing optimized means to effectively assist your work in the field.

    Among additional features, the Pest Control Module consists of the following parts :
    A general presentation of the property under concern that includes visited parts and/or rooms whether infested or not.
    Descriptions of the areas and parts of a building not visited and/or inaccessible as well as the reason why.
    The reason for a current or previous infestation as well as additional findings.
    Data entry and / or useful remarks, including conclusions.

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